Andrew Molera State Park Mountain Biking

Biking through the Andrew Molera state park Mountain sounds exciting but you need to find out all the information about this park before taking off on those trail! The park is only accessible by hikers, cyclists or by equestrians. There is quite a bit of opportunity for relaxation and family outings, with campgrounds and picnic areas for your enjoyment. Mountain biking is a sport that all ages can enjoy at the Andrew Molera State Park mountain biking trails.


This park is one of California’s most popular places for biking. It has the trails and facilities for family get-togethers, and many friends meet here just to hang out or enjoy all that the trails have to offer. If you get hot from mountain biking, go for a swim at the beautiful lake! There are many warning signs throughout the park for hikers, swimmers, and mountain bikers. These warnings should be heeded, as they are there to protect you.


Andrew Molera State Park Mountain biking is as enjoyable for all ages. Visiting the park will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a day – or even two or three days! You can relieve stress, enjoy the park, unwind from a long day or long week at work, and get the exercise that you need. There is a small entry fee for using the park, but it is quite affordable, and well worth the cost.


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