Avoid "Newbie" Mistakes: Read Mountain Bike Reviews

A mountain bike is an investment - not just a financial investment but an emotional one as well. Your bike will be your best buddy as you blaze through lonely trails; it may even save your life on especially tricky mountain passes. You need to have a good mountain bike that you won't regret spending time and money on. This is why before buying a bike, you should be looking through mountain bike reviews.

A "newbie," or a person who's new to the sport of biking, may have some difficulty deciding on a brand of starter bike to buy. It isn't necessary to get the most expensive bike, but there is some merit to listening to popular opinion. Some bikes become popular for a reason: people have found that they perform well and come at a good price. Good deals tend to find their way to the grapevine. And in this modern age, the "grapevine" is in cyberspace, where mountain bike reviews abound.

Most of the people who leave reviews on the World Wide Web learned about good deals on bikes over the Internet, too. In a sense, they lost their "newbie" status over the Internet, by listening to experts discuss the latest features and most attractive bargains. This is the reason why they are so comfortable sharing their opinion and knowledge with others online. The more experienced one becomes in handling bikes and interacting with experts, the more knowledge one gains, and the more one wishes to share this knowledge with others.

We shouldn't be embarrassed about not knowing a thing about biking, because we all more or less start off as "newbies." It is through listening, researching and paying close attention that we are able to rise above "newbie" status. Sites like and are great places to start learning, or start sharing information.

If you have something useful to share regarding a specific bike model, manufacturer or dealer, post your mountain bike reviews online. Remember that no good deed comes unrewarded! Sharing info online could lead to some valuable correspondences, perhaps even long-term friendships with other biking enthusiasts!

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