Biking on Wet Trails

Should you or should you not ride your mountain bike on wet trails? That is a pretty valid question. But if you are thinking of riding your bike on a wet or muddy trail, you had better forget about it and keep your bike parked wherever you store it.

Biking on muddy or wet trails is a very bad idea. Not only is it a safety issue where you might lose control of your bike and go skidding down the trail, but riding on a trail that is wet or muddy can also contribute hugely to accelerated soil erosion. Needless to say, the mud sticks to the tires of our mountain bike, so when the trail dries out, the amount of topsoil on the trail is effectively reduced.

Mountain bikers need to be aware of the environment they are in whenever they are riding their bikes on a trail. Environmental consciousness is something each and everyone should have, and mountain bikers have the responsibility not to disturb the trails they ride in as much as possible. Mountain bikers who take the trail for granted often find the trail closed not just to them but to the other, more responsible bikers as well. A trail that is damaged even by just one insensitive mountain biker can ruin the experience for everyone else.

If you are faced with a muddy trail while you are riding your mountain bike, skip it and look for another trail. However, if the trail is just damp, you can proceed, but with extreme caution. Damp trails are very fragile and vulnerable to damage, so take care not to go hard breaking or locking your wheels.

If you see a puddle right smack in the middle of the trail you are riding, go ahead and ride straight through it rather than skirting the puddle. Riding around the puddle instead of going across it can widen and damage the trail, leading to soil erosion.

Always be responsible and environmentally conscious when you are riding your mountain bike. Be careful when riding wet trails and stay away completely from a muddy trail.

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