Boise Mountain Biking

If you live near Idaho, or if you can easily get there, you are in for a treat! Boise mountain biking trails have quite a bit to offer mountain bike enthusiast, no matter what skill level you are at. There are approximately 49 Boise mountain biking trails for you to choose from.


Boise River Greenbelt is one of the highest rated mountain bike trails in the area. This trail offers a scenic path that runs along side of the Boise River. There are nineteen miles of paved trails. It is well suited for beginners, but the scenery makes it worth the ride even for pros. Crane Creek – Corrals Loop is more suited for intermediate riders. It is close to town, in the Boise Front foothills, and runs along the Crane Creek. There are many water crossings, and a large mix of terrain.


The Barber Flats Warm Springs Loop is located just a few miles east of town. It is an easy trail that runs along the Boise River Canyon. Riders will have a view of the river and the buttes. This is a popular trail, and so it is usually well populated and safe. The Barber Flats is well suited for beginners. Intermediate riders will enjoy the Crestline Trail at Hulls Gulch. This is also located in the Boise foothills. Technical skill will be needed to navigate your way up the gulch.


Experts should head out to Rocky Canyon Road. This is also located in the Boise front foothills, east of Boise. There are numerous steep, technical climbs, and speedy descents to be enjoyed by more experienced riders. Rocky Canyon Road may be suitable for some intermediate riders, but beginners should stick to easier trails for a while.


There is something for everyone in Boise mountain biking. No matter what your skill level is, there is a trail for you, and you can gain more and more experience and advance to the harder trails fairly quickly


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