Cannondale Patrol Bikes

There are many units of bike patrols through out the country who ride and patrol the neighborhoods and parks to protect citizens from crimes that would otherwise go unnoticed. The style of bike that is used is the cannondale patrol bikes. The Cannondale patrol bikes are meant to hold up under extreme riding conditions, and because the patrol officers spend so much time on them, they are designed for comfort as well.


States have created the bike patrols because the bikes can go where cars cannot. More arrests are now possible, because these officers are able to catch the bad guys that flee on foot. The bikes are almost silent, allowing officers to creep up on criminals in the act of committing a crime, giving the bad guy little warning, and little opportunity to get away.


Many public bike trails are patrolled by bike patrol officers. This is not to harass the riders, but to keep everyone safe, and to prevent crime and injuries. The mere presence of an officer often deters a criminal. Bike patrol units work year round, with protective clothing and other equipment that not only aids them in their work, but protects them from the elements and potential injury as well.


Because these officers need well crafted bikes that can withstand hard rides, most patrol units choose Cannondale patrol bikes. These bikes were designed with patrol officers in mind. The next time you visit an area that you aren’t familiar with, you can learn a great deal about the trails in the area simply by speaking to one of these patrol officers – they tend to be the most knowledgeable riders in the area!


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