A Fezzari as a First Bike

Fezzari sounds like an elegant name. In fact, it bears an amusing resemblance to the Ferrari line of luxury vehicles. Is this the two-wheel version of the Ferrari? That is, can one expect Fezzari bikes to also cost an arm and a leg? Nothing can be farther from the truth. This name produces quality "budget" bikes, which would allow anyone to ride in style without overspending on gear!

Fezzari as a brand is often compared to Specialized, Giant, and Trek. In the evaluation, people tend to look at the price first, and it comes as a surprise that something so affordable could match up in performance to the bikes manufactured by bigger names. And yet, the Fezzari delivers!

This Utah-based manufacturer doesn't scrimp on the bike parts, and therefore assure peak performance of every model upon purchase. Many of its models use the Shimano and Avid derailleurs and levers, which are top of the line and used by many high-end bikes.

The full-suspension mountain bikes, like the bestselling Wiki Peak model, operate with the Fezzari Racing Design Four-Bar Link technology. The four bar link activates the shock through several linkage points. A four bar bike will normally have three pivots in specific areas: one "Horst Link" located in front of the rear wheel dropout, one at the top of the seatstays, and one behind the bottom bracket. The "faux bar," which is a variant of the four bar, will have a similar layout, except the dropout pivot will be located above and not in front.

On the other hand Fezzari's hardtail bikes, such as the all-purpose Kings Peak XC, use Axis Geometry technology. This is a trademark subtle alteration of tubes and angles on the frame, which allows for maximum ease of handling. The Kings Peak is usable in various terrains, and is considered by many to be a practical choice for a first bike, at its relatively low price of $839 (MSRP).

Fezzari is proof that price should not always get in the way of a good purchase. Whether or not you are a "newbie" to cycling, this brand should turn out to be a great buy for you.

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