Fox Mountain Bike Shorts

There are many shorts on the market to choose from when you are looking for mountain biking shorts. Fox mountain bike shorts, however, are shorts that were designed for the long ride. Biking is about getting out there and having fun, and with Fox mountain bike shorts, you won’t have to worry that you aren’t wearing the appropriate biking attire.

The clothing that you choose to wear for your rides is just as important as the bike and the protective gear that you choose. Your clothing is actually part of your protective gear, and should be thought of as such when you are making your selections. Fox shorts will allow you to stay cool during your ride. Shorts don’t offer the same level of protection that long pants offer, but if you wear long pants you risk over heating.

Fox shorts are made of 100% polyester. They have side cargo pockets so you can carry smaller items – such as your wallet – safely. They feature an elastic draw cord waistband with stretch panels at the back yoke and side panels. They are designed for comfort, durability, and coolness.

Wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather. Fox shorts are great for the summer and spring – and even for the fall in some areas – but shorts should not be worn in cold weather. Fox mountain bike shorts are designed with bikers in mind. They are cool and comfortable. They do not get in the way, and they don’t pinch or make you feel like you are suffocating. Comfortable clothing is important if you hope to enjoy the ride!

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