Giant Mountain Bikes

If you’re looking for a great mountain bike, at a great price, Giant Mountain Bikes probably have what you need. No matter what your skill level is, or how you like to ride, Giant Mountain Bikes has a bike for you. In fact, you will find over thirty of the world’s best professional cyclists riding Giants.

You will see riders enjoying Giant bikes on seven continents, in more than fifty countries. These bikes are sold in over ten thousand retail stores, and even on the streets in the world’s top nations. Giant is also called The Global Bicycle Company. The company has been building quality bikes, at affordable prices for over thirty years. Deeply involved in the mountain bike community, the company produces bikes suitable for both recreation and competition.

Over the years, Giant has worked hard to ensure that the latest technology is used in their bikes. They have kept up with more advanced technology in manufacturing, as well as in mountain bike designs. The company has an excellent quality control process, and their customer service is something that all other companies should take their cues from. Known as the biggest bike company in the entire world, Giant also strives to be the absolute best!

The company began in 1972, when they opened their very first factory. It was called Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. By 1980, the company had become the largest manufacturer of bicycles in Taiwan, and Giant Sales Company, Taiwan was established in 1981. But the company knew that the bicycle manufacturing business could not stop there and in 1986, they established the Giant Europe BV, Netherlands division, followed by the Giant Bicycle INC, USA division in 1987, Giant Company Ltd., Japan in 1989, Giant Bicycle Co., Canada, Inc. in 1991, and the Giant China Co. Ltd in 1992.

In 1994, Giant went public by offering stock shares on the Taiwan stock exchange. Two years later, in 1996, Giant established yet another factory – the European Factory in the Netherlands. The following year, in 1997 the company decided it needed its own suppliers and the Chuansin Metal Products Co. Ltd was born. 1998 was a busy year for the company. They manufactured close to three million bikes – and they also acquired a 30% share of Hodaka in Japan.

Giant sponsors many professional and amateur cycling teams, including international teams and regional teams. The company sponsors two race teams as well – the Global Giant Mountain Bike Team and the ONCE Level 1 Road Team. Giant sponsors national teams in Taiwan, Japan and China. The company also sponsors both professional and amateur teams in the US, Australia, Canada, Belgium, New Zealand, and South East Asia. Individual racers in these countries are also sponsored by the company.

Along with top of the line bikes, Giant also has an apparel line, a line of bike care products, accessories, and a line of bags and racks. No matter what riders need, Giant finds a way to get it to them. Giant Mountain Bikes are made with the highest quality materials and components, and the manufacturing process if one of the best in the world. Giant is the world leader in mountain bike production. This means that the bikes cost less to produce, and consumers realize that lower cost in retail stores as well.

Giant Mountain Bikes aren’t available just anywhere! If you want to purchase a Giant mountain bike in the USA, you have to visit a Giant Bicycle dealer. Giant Bicycle, Inc is the exclusive distributor of Giant Bicycles in the US.

If you are just starting out, you should definitely visit a Giant Mountain Bike dealer to see what they have in store for you – If you’re an old pro, and you’ve never ridden one of these quality bikes, take a test ride soon – you will be pleasantly surprised! Great bikes don’t need to cost a fortune when they are produced in ways that are designed to not only manufacture quality bikes – but to save the end consumer money as well.

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