Lanai Mountain Biking

Lanai mountain biking is an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. Lanai mountain biking is an island of Hawaii, and it is one of the islands that has quite a large number of pineapple plantations. Beautiful scenery that goes on for miles and miles make this a ride worth taking.

The island was a native hide-away until the area residents decided that they needed tourism to help support the area about ten years ago. Now, it is becoming a popular area in Hawaii for mountain bikers of all skill levels. The island offers visitors many activities including scuba diving, gold, swimming and horseback riding – but mountain biking is the most popular sport that is enjoyed in this area. This is evident by the uncrowded beaches that have no lifeguards! Some beaches are inaccessible without a 4 wheel drive – but everything is accessible on a two wheel mountain bike!

Biking is an enjoyable and popular way of getting around the island, but you should definitely take time out to enjoy the beaches and other activities that are also available. This island will offer you experiences that cannot be truly enjoyed on the main islands that are flooded with tourists! This is Hawaii at its truest best!

Remember, the natives kept this island a secret and didn’t make it very accessible to tourists for a reason. So if you go Lanai mountain biking, don’t expect to see the usual tourist attractions – you will be disappointed – or pleasantly surprised depending on what you are looking for!

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