Lysterfield Lake Mountain Bike Park

Lysterfield lake was once used as a storage facility for the water supply for the Morning peninsula - up until they no longer needed it because of the Cardinia reservoir opened. In 1965 the state rivers and water commission had bought the farmlands surrounding the lake to protect the water supply. Now Lysterfield lake mountain bike park is on land that has been preserved and protected by the government. The park was not a public gathering place until November of 1986. Today Lysterfield lake mountain bike park is one of the most popular places for cyclists.

This park offers a lot of things you can do such as swimming or just getting on your mountain bike and going on a ride through the park. The park has two bays for swimming and they are safe for all age limits. Boats and other water vehicles are not allowed in these bays and they are surrounded by sand. You are not allowed to take any glass containers on the beach which keeps you from getting injured by broken glass.

The park offers extensive tracks for riders and for people who are just out to walk. There are trails that you will not be allowed to ride on due to heavy traffic of the average walkers out to see the sights that the lake has to offer. They also have horse riding and bird watching facilities for those interested in those activities.

For the average biker the Lysterfield lake mountain bike park is one of the hotspots for you to visit because of the heritage that goes throughout history. The park offers a lot of history and opportunities to get out and enjoy your bike ride. The park offers all the qualities that a park should offer and does not require an age limit - so go ride or do what other things the park has to offer but enjoy what history has given you to enjoy.

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