Moab UT Mountain Biking

Moab UT mountain biking offers riders a variety of trails, no matter what your skill lever is. There is scenery for beginners, and adventure and danger for experienced riders. This beautiful network of trails cannot be topped by other trails throughout the state of Utah!

This area is well known for its slippery rocky trail. It is challenging, and considered to be the ultimate biking experience in Utah, and in many other areas of the Nation as well! The Moab has an assortment of trails that are well suited for beginners as well. These beginner trails have quite a bit of scenery, with very little danger at all. This allows the beginner to ride at a leisurely pace, with little threat of injury or situations that they are not equipped to handle.

Beginners should start at the Bar-M Loop. This trail will allow you to work on your skills and techniques – without putting you in danger. There are great views of the Arches National Park from this area as well. This area is popular with runners due to the flat lands.

The Lower Monitor and the Merrimac trail portions of the trail network are better suited to more experienced riders. There is a lot of slippery rock that must be navigated. While this trail is suited to more experienced riders, it isn’t as hard as the Slip Rock Trail, and so intermediate riders should be able to handle these trails. Intermediate riders will also enjoy the Klondike trail. If you are looking for more of a challenge, try out the Baby Step Loop.

Moab UT mountain biking has something for everyone. Make sure that you stick to trails that are suitable for your skill level. Work your way up to the more advanced trails. Remember – it is your safety that is on the line – or on the edge of a cliff!

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