Mountain Bike Nova Scotia - Navigating the Trails

Mountain bike Nova Scotia trails have something to offer everyone. But some of those trails are tricky, and beginners should avoid them for their own safety. If you are a beginner, and you want to enjoy the beauty of mountain bike Nova Scotia trails, here is an overview of where you should go.

Start with the Kejimkujik National Park near Port Mouton. There are 14 trails in this park, and five of them are shared with hikers. There is an entry fee into the park, and trail maps are available. The trails are relatively easy and perfect for the beginner. If you are more experienced, however, you may quickly become bored with the trails at this park.

The Dayspring Recreation Centre, located near Dayspring, Nova Scotia, is a great place for beginners and intermediate riders. There is a mixture of gravel, mud, and sand, with some roots thrown in for good measure. The trails require technical riding, mixed with intermediate and beginner ability. There is no charge for entering the park, and trail maps are available.

Another park not to be missed in Nova Scotia is the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, located near Cheticamp and Ingonish. A fee is required, and trail maps are available. Here, you will find very scenic trails that are suited for riders of all abilities – from beginners to pros. If you are near Wentworth, it will be well worth your time to check out the old logging roads near the Wentworth Hostel. Here, you will experience lots of climbing, fast descents, and the need for technical riding.

There are many mountain bike Nova Scotia trails to be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels. Just make sure that the trails that you choose are suitable for the experience that you have so you don’t find yourself in a fix in the middle of no where!

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