Mountain Bike of the Year

In 2005, the mountain bike of the year in the category of Best Value Full Suspension Bike is the 2005 Jamis Dakar. There are many great features of the Jamis Dakar that helped it become the mountain bike of the year, according to many biking magazines.

The Jamis Dakar comes from the factory ready to go. It includes a fox float R shock, a vanilla R fork which reduces the impact of bumps on performance, and has Hayes hydraulic discs that allow you to stop on a dime. It also features SRAM trigger shifters, as well as Shimano 505 pedals. When you buy a Jamis Dakar, there is no need for upgrades before taking it out on the trail.

On top of the performance that this bike is capable of, the Jamis Dakar has a very sharp look to it as well. It comes in black, and it weighs just 32.25 pounds. No matter what your age or size, there is a Jamis Dakar for you. It comes in 13”, 15”, 17”, 19” and 21”. The Jamis Dakar has an aluminum frame, which makes it perfect for racing.

The Jamis Dakar wasn’t the only bike that took home an award in 2005. The Jamis Quest was also a winner, winning Best Value Enthusiast Bike for 2005. The Jamis Quest features steel main tubes, which contribute to a smooth ride. However, the Jamis Quest is still very lightweight, at 20.25 pounds, and most enthusiasts say that the Quest is even better for racing than the Dakar.

There are other bikes that have won the mountain bike of the year award in different categories, but if you are looking for a quality, top of the line mountain bike for under $1500, then you should definitely check out the Jamis Quest and the Jamis Dakar.

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