Mountain Bike Parts You Should Take Stock Of

Mountain bikes are a different breed of bicycles - they're built for heavy use, and are made to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions. That doesn't mean, however, that they will never need repair. If you want to keep your bike in top shape, you should keep your eye on the essential mountain bike parts, and know when they need replacing.

Following is a list of some fundamental mountain bike parts you should be checking on regularly:

1. Disc brake systems. The brake is without question the most important part of a mountain bike. You can run at top speeds on your downhill racer, or blaze through rocky trails, but without the brake, you risk placing not only your bike but your life in danger! Disc brakes can be hydromechanical, full hydraulic or mechanical, and are quite crucial to a bike. Fortunately, they don't require frequent replacement. However, it would still be beneficial to test them now and again.

2. Hubs. Hubs are key components to suspension devices, and a properly functioning hub ensures the smooth workings of a bike suspension. Good hubs are usually lightweight, strong without being cumbersome to the bike's machinery. There are front and rear hubs that come with the international standard number of straight spokes, 32 or 36 holes. There are also hub types that come with tangential spokes.

3. Wheels. Without good wheels, your bike will not perform as well as it should, no matter how great the suspension system is or how streamlined it is for fast runs. That's why as soon as the treads wear out, conscientious mountain bike owners make it a point to replace the wheels immediately. The tires are not the only things you should take care of though - substantially damaged spokes could also be dangerous. Try to pick wheels that are made of strong aluminum or magnesium rims and spokes.

Mountain bikes are often used on trails not made for large vehicles to pass through. For the most part, those trails are wild and possibly even dangerous. You need to keep your bike in top shape so that you can steer clear of risk. Keep your mountain bike parts in good working order, and get the most out of your vehicle.

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