Websites With Good Mountain Bike Reviews

If you're just getting into biking as a sport, the first thing you should read up on is how to select a good mountain bike. Once you've learned everything you need to know, the next step is to look through the Internet and other media for advice on what kind of mountain bike would suit you best. Bikes, like all quality sports gear, are not created equal, and if you need help with the selection process, you should take the time to visit mountain bike reviews and ratings sites before doing your shopping.

Mountain bikes are a genuinely worthwhile investment for a person who's attuned to the great outdoors. But if you're just starting off, it would be great to get advice from the experts. And outdoorsy or not, even if you're a non-techie, you'll find a lot of help from the Internet. Sites with good mountain bike reviews are just the place to gather expert opinion!

Sites like and provide professional reviews, from people who really know their bikes! This would be an excellent place to start, although if you're looking for reviews on budget bikes, you may do well to seek elsewhere. is another place to look for good reviews on anything, from office supplies to the kitchen sink, literally! The site offers extensively researched material compiled by professional information specialists.

Shopping sites like are also a good place to look. That way, you can preview the feedback of other consumers before buying the product. Sometimes, consumer sites have rating systems like stars and half-stars to make browsing through buyer-endorsed products easier for you.

Of course, if we're talking authority, nothing beats print! If you're a true biking enthusiast, subscribing to biking magazines is a must. You don't scrimp on the need to stay up to date on the latest information on this popular activity! And of course, specialized print publications are an excellent source of reviews. Mountain Bike Magazine ( and Mountain Biking UK ( are among the most popular and authoritative magazines out there. Consider subscribing to such publications, or signing up at their websites.

Most websites, including sites with mountain bike reviews and online versions of print publications, allow free registration, but access to better features only comes with a paid subscription. Applying for one would be worth your while if you're a collector. Besides gathering useful knowledge about good bikes, participating in discussions would allow you to impart knowledge too!

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