Mountain Bike Suspension Stem

There are a lot of items out on the market today for mountain bike customization. One of these items is the mountain bike suspension stem. This mountain bike suspension stem involves a parallelogram and a spring for the shock absorber. This customization can be done at any time, or when you purchase the bike. It is totally optional. The purpose of the stem is to add more comfort to your ride.

There are different types of shock absorbers, such as the telescopic shock fork and the allsop-type suspension stem. Determining which one is the best for you can only be done by trying out both types. With the telescopic fork just the front wheel needs to be moving to absorb the shock. With the allsop suspension stem, the whole front moves to absorb this shock. The handling of the bike will be different, but you can get a smoother ride from the suspension stem.

You won’t have to worry about changing the way you ride, you will just notice that the ride is different – more comfortable. If you have back problems, adding a mountain bike suspension stem will help ease any discomfort your experience while riding. The suspension stem will require you to have some kind of backstop, but it will not require you to change anything about your style of riding. Read all of the information that you can get on this product before making your final decision, but you will find that adding this item to your bike will totally change the way the ride feels for you – it will be greatly improved!

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