mountain biking 4X

Mountain biking 4X is a popular style of mountain bike racing, where four riders race on a very challenging trail. These races are typically short – but very thrilling for both the participants and the observers! There are many obstacles throughout these races that must be overcome by the riders – some obstacles are natural, others are man made. The idea is to make it through the obstacles at a fast rate of speed, without getting knocked off of your bike!

In 4X style racing, there are knock off rounds. During a knockoff round, you literally try to knock your opponents off their bikes! This makes 4X racing an extreme sport. There are several knock off rounds throughout the race – and the closer it gets to the end of the race, the more creative the riders get to knock each other off – and the excitement builds. If you are nearing the end of the race – and your still in it – you need to look around to see who is trying to knock you off your bike!

It takes more than one ‘race’ or knock off round to complete a 4x race. There are a specified number of knock off rounds, and then you move into the next stage or quarter of the race. This goes on until you reach the semi finals, and finally the finals. You need to be at the top of your game if you want to race your way into the finals – and across that finish line!

In order to win the race – or at the very least finish the race – you must get around the track or trail, and across the finish line – without getting knocked off of your bike. Between your opponents and the obstacles, this is not easy to do, so before you consider participating in mountain biking 4x races, make sure that you are experienced enough to handle what will be thrown at you!

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