Mountain Biking in Quito

In the past few years, people have been drawn to mountain biking in Quito because of the beautiful country side and the challenging trails. Located in Ecuador, mountain biking in Quito isn’t necessarily easy to get to – but the trip is definitely worth it when you arrive!

Quito offers mountain bikers a lot of everything. The Andean Volcanoes are popular, as well as the Cloud forest. These trails offer riders hundreds of miles of traffic deserted roads. Tours can be arranged that allow you to take trips in three different categories: easy, moderate, and challenging. This enables all riders, of all skill levels, to enjoy everything that Quito has to offer.

When traveling to Quito to enjoy the trails, an organized tour, with a guide, is typically the best option to take. This way you won’t have to worry about getting lost, or running into trouble with the natives! Tours can be arranged through travel agents, bike associations, bike manufacturers, and directly with touring companies in your country, as well as those that are located in Quito. No matter what experience you are looking for, you can find a tour to match your requirements, your budget, and even your skill level!

The guide will handle the small details, so you can enjoy riding down the world’s largest volcanoes at breathtaking speeds! When mountain biking in Quito, you will also experience lakes, the Inca Ruins, and giant boulders that came from the bowels of the volcanoes. Wouldn’t you love to tell your mountain biking friends about your wild ride down the side of a volcano?!? Make sure you take pictures – or have pictures taken – so that you will have proof that you did it! Without that proof, your friends probably won’t believe you actually did it!

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