Ritchey Attack 1.0 Mountain Bike

If you plan to go on a mountain biking adventure, think about where you might go with your Ritchey Attack 1.0 mountain bike. After all, just an ordinary trail won’t do when you are riding a bike like the Ritchey Attack 1.0 mountain bike! It takes a challenging trail – and even the most challenging trail won’t be much of a challenge for the performance that this bike is capable of!

One trip you might think about taking is to Death Valley National park in California. Where most National Parks restrict riders to specific roads, at Death Valley, you will be allowed to ride down the most remote back country roads that exist, or you can ride down a well traveled trail – the choice is up to you! Expert riders have tried out all the trails at Death Valley, and they have all been rated. This will enable all riders, of all skill levels, to enjoy all that Death Valley National Park has to offer.

Despite its name, Death Valley has a lot to offer individuals, groups of friends, and even families. The scenery is out of this world, and the park has a lot to offer – other than mountain biking. There is a reason it is called Death Valley, however. Some of the most extreme temperatures in the country are experienced in the Death Valley region. The highest recorded temperatures occur here during the summer months, and at night, the temperature can fall down to zero degrees! Be prepared!

If you want to put your Ritchey Attack 1.0 mountain bike through some tests, Death Valley is definitely the place to do it. Some of the trails are over fifty miles long, so make sure that you have everything with you that you might need – especially a lot of water, power snacks, and cool clothing. Remember that it gets very cold at night – don’t get caught unprepared!

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