The North Face Mountain Bike Lumbar Pack

With all of the items that you can get on the market today for mountain biking, the North Face Mountain Bike Lumbar Pack is an essential item to have. The North Face Mountain Bike Lumbar Pack will enable you to carry many items with you on your mountain biking trips that you might not be able to bring along otherwise.

This lumbar pack is worn around your waist, and you can determine whether the pack is actually behind you, in front of you, or on your side. The bag is equipped to carry two water bottles, and it has different sized pouches for your necessary items to be stored in. One of the pouches is just big enough to carry a magazine in – but since you probably won’t have time to stop and read anything other than a map – stick your map in that pouch!

The bag is designed to not get in your way while you are riding. You can store sandwiches and power bars, and not worry about them getting damaged or wet. You can also use this lumbar to carry valuable items in, such as your wallet, your credit cards (although you won’t have need for those in the wilderness), and even your watch.

Other things that you should consider using the North Face Mountain Bike Lumbar Pack for include a small first aid kit, a snake bite kit, small tools, and small spare parts for your bike. You can even carry your camera in the bag so you can stop and take some shots of the great views you will experience along the ride. You should definitely carry identification and possibly insurance cards with you as well – in case you are injured.

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