The Tiendas Mountain Bike

If you are near Mexico City, you don’t want to miss the Ajusco trail. The Ajusco has many different trails to choose from. Half of it is dual track, and 30% of it is gravel road. The entire trail is about fifteen miles long, and there is a lot of long climbing to be done on the trails. The park closes early for security reasons, so make sure that you get there early enough to finish the trail, and bring along a buddy.

After conquering the Ajusco, you might want to travel to Guadalajara to try out the Bosque La Primavera. Again, there are many different trails to choose from, and the entire trail is about 55% dirt road. This trail is about twenty miles long, and the climbs are very steep. While in Guadalajara, you should also try a shorter trail, the El. The El is only seven miles long, but the climbs are steep and require quite a bit of technical know-how. The descent is even harder than the climb!

La Posta is another trail not to be missed while in Mexico. It is located near Aguascalientes, and is fifteen miles long. The climbs are steep, and the roads are dirt and rocky. The skill level needed to navigate the trails here is that of ‘weekend warrior.’ It isn’t really suited for beginners.

Los Tres Picos Loop, located near Hidalgo is another ride you don’t want to miss. This trail is fourteen miles long, and includes many steep climbs. The roads are loose and rocky, and you will enjoy outstanding views of the valley. This trail has something for everyone – from beginners to pros.

After tackling some of these trails in Mexico, you will understand why the natives prefer the Tiendas mountain bike. It is one of the few mountain bikes that can easily handle everything that the rider may encounter on the trails in Mexico!

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