Top Ten Mountain Bikes

There are too many mountain bikes on the market to count, but there are only a handful that are worth owning. The tip ten mountain bikes have combined features that other bikes just don’t have. Depending on how you will be using your bike, you will probably want to buy one of the top ten mountain bikes. However, everyone seems to have a different opinion of what the top ten mountain bikes are.

The criteria used to rate and review mountain bikes by leading magazines is different for each magazine. Sometimes, that criterion doesn’t even have anything to do with the actual use of the bike! You are better off determining your own list of the top ten based on what you will be using the bike for.

Start by determining how you will use the bike. Will it be used for racing? Touring? Just to ride the trails in rough terrain? A racing bike should be very light weight. However a bike that will be ridden often in tough terrain should be sturdy – with a steel frame – which adds weight to the bike. Therefore, knowing what you will be using the bike for is essential when it comes to making your own top ten list.

Start checking out the bikes of friends. Ask to borrow them, and use them in the same setting that you plan to use your bike when you buy it. This will give you a good idea as to what features will work best for you.

This is different from test riding a bike at the store – riding around a concrete or asphalt parking lot, you can’t really get a sense of how the bike handles in the situations that you plan to ride in. Test ride as many mountain bikes as you can – in real life situations – and before long, you will have your own list of the top ten mountain bikes.

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