Have a Good First Ride on a Trek Mountain Bike

It is always good to have a brand name to rely on. And when it comes to mountain bikes, there are only a few big names to consider. Trek is among them. You have a wide selection to choose from, with this manufacturer, but you can rest assured that any Trek mountain bike is worth the purchase.

A Trek mountain bike comes with a seal of excellence from its Wisconsin-based manufacturers. Trek continually develops its newest models to be lighter and easier to maneuver than the last. There are already quite a few models of Trek bikes in the market, specially designed for men, women and children. The flexibility extends to terrain handling. Trek bikes are a classic favorite of fans of the great outdoors.

After 30 years in the manufacturing industry, Trek is now considered a household name in the biking world - and understandably, some of its higher-end models can get rather pricey. But its below-$1000 models constantly garner positive reviews.

Like many other bike manufacturers, Trek uses Shimano parts on their budget bikes. Shimano is a manufacturer of bike parts based in Osaka, Japan, and since 1921 it has produced bicycle components for the Japanese market. It began supplying the market outside of Japan in 1931, with the "3.3.3." freewheel originally designed by the founder, Shozaburo Shimano. Now it has a distinct global presence, with over 27 branches supplying quality bike parts to different areas of the world.

Trek itself is the manufacturer of choice of many professional cyclists. It is currently sponsoring the 2006 Team Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team. It is also slated to sponsor next year's Discovery team for the Tour de France. You may have seen the Trek TV commercials featuring former star cyclist Bob Roll - visual proof that Trek is in the big leagues!

When in doubt, visit the official website. You can have an idea about how your first bike should look with the help of Project One, an interactive flash program that allows you to assemble your dream bike online! After you have built your Trek mountain bike at the official website and made your purchase, all you will need to do is get ready to enjoy biking!

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