Trek Mountain Bikes: Light and Fast on the Trail

If you're looking for a good mountain bike, you shouldn't pass up the more well-known brands - brands like Trek, Giant and Specialized. Trek mountain bikes, especially, should be among your first picks.

The designers of Trek mountain bikes are aware that comfort relies on suspension, so they make a point to continually improve on their trademark impact-eating suspensions. You can rely on your Trek bike to avoid the nasty up-and-down bumping even on rough terrain. And best of all, you don't have to overspend for it! Other brands may leverage on ease of use to boost the total cost of their bikes, but not this one. You can count on top-rate suspension even on entry-level models.

The Trek Bicycle Corporation has been making quality bicycles and bike parts for over 30 years. Based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, this company is the largest bike manufacturer in the United States, and is a major multinational player. While it does have onshore factories, quite a few of its lower-price range models and parts are assembled in Taiwan or China. The company also owns several brand names, such as LeMond, Gary Fisher and Klein. Many of these signature bikes are manufactured in Wisconsin.

Mountain bikes are not the company's only strength. Trek road bikes are a popular choice for serious racers. The bicycles for the USA Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team have been sponsored by Trek. Lance Armstrong, seven-time champion of the prestigious Tour de France, endorses the Madone road bike. Armstrong's racer for 2005 featured the Madone SSLx frame, which was 10% lighter than the usual SSL frame releases.

Lightness is, in fact, a trademark asset for many Trek bikes. And if you're looking for a good mountain bike, consider the lightness of your top picks. The lighter the bike, the faster it could be, and the easier it is to steer. That's not all, though: it's also easier to carry over your shoulder on steep hiking trails. In spite of their lightness, Trek mountain bikes have also been designed for constant, heavy use. For racing or for blazing through mountain trails, you need not look for another bike brand.

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