The Big Deal About Trek Mountain Bikes

If you're looking for a mountain bike you can show off to your cycling buddies - and upstage them with in the bargain - you usually go for the brand name bikes. Bikes under the Intense, Ellsworth, Specialized labels are known for their excellent performance on the track. Trek is among the more popular of these big-name brands. Trek mountain bikes are especially known for being durable and highly maneuverable. They're also sought after for flexibility of design.

As with trendy car owners, bike enthusiasts relish the worth of a good name. Trek lovers get their enthusiasm's worth when this particular bike brand blazes its name across various sports and recreational media. For example, Trek mountain bikes are featured in Downhill Domination, a popular arcade game for Playstation 2. This game is similar to many racing games that involve luxury cars and the like, only this would possibly be more appealing to hardcore mountain bikers, because it involves labels they are sure to recognize, such as Giant and Trek.

And Trek has quite a name to live up to.'s March 2006 report puts the Trek 4500 in its top picks for entry-level, full-featured, front-suspension bikes. The page also mentions that Mountain Bike Magazine's 2004 Buyer's Guide billed the Trek Fuel women's bike rather highly. As a matter of fact, the Trek womens' bikes also invite a good long look.

Womens' bikes made by Trek are probably known for one thing best - adopting to small physiques. Smaller Trek bikes that are nonetheless built for maneuverability and speed works out well for petite women who are comfortable with an active lifestyle. In fact the manufacturer has come up with a codename for this considerate sort of engineering style: WSD or Women Specific Design.

And you must admit, not a lot of mountain bikes are being built for women nowadays. With their generally slighter physiques, some women will have problems adapting to bikes built for much larger and physically stronger men. We can't deny that comfort is a big thing, especially for high-activity and potentially high-risk sports like trail biking.

What distinguishes Trek mountain bikes from the competition is their ability to suit different body types and take weight into consideration. If budget is not a matter of concern, feel free to literally give Trek bikes a spin around the block and see how they could serve as a wise investment for you as a true biking fan.

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